Ultimate Guide to Wear Chokers Right

In the year 2016 a lot many trends made a comeback however, I am a little obsessed with dark lips, chokers, denim jackets, bell bottoms and many more.  My favorite trend is the coming back of chokers. ​Chokers have been everybody’s favorite accessory .Velvet chokers, Leather chokers, Stone chokers and Lace chokers have been on the necks of every celebrity from Hollywood to Bollywood.  Today I will provide you with the Ultimate guide to wear chokers right which includes – outfits to wear with different types of chokers and styling chokers in different ways.


Beginning with Metal Chokers

A metal choker can make you look very boho. Boho style includes vintage accessories with long, flowy dresses , decorated sandals or ankle boots and natural looking hair .

» Steps to keep in mind while styling your choker

  • Choose outfits in natural colours(White , brown , red, orange ).
  • Choose Outfits which include lace, fringe , beads or dresses which are flowy .
  • Additional accessories may include hats , large bags and chunky bracelets.
  • Footwear (sandals , ballet flats, boots)should be in natural colors.

This is how I styled my choker


How to wear Silver Metal choker


Styling Metallic Choker


The Heart Choker

Who doesn’t LOVE hearts? A heart choker is a big fashion YESSSS! A heart choker is a statement piece. You can add your choker to any outfit to make it look extra CUTE and ADORABLE.

  • Opt for outfits in girly colors (Pink, red , orange ).
  • Choose preppy and feminine outfits.(girly blouses, A line skirts, colourful cardigans, thin sweaters)

» Remember the star cast of glee?

  • Keep accessories to a minimum. You may just add headbands.
  • Footwear may include pumps or ballet flats.


How to style Heart Choker


Black Heart Choker with dress


Printed Choker

A printed choker adds glamour and color to any of your single colored outfit (round neck tees , dresses, maxis , over-sized jackets and sweaters ) ,basically anything. Printed chokers are available in different prints -floral , tribal , zig -zag ,animal print and geo)

» You can style the printed choker with

  • Outfits in one solid color .
  • You can slip on this choker with almost everything in your wardrobe .
  • Keeping a dark lip shade would be a plus point.
  • Accessories may include earrings matching your outfit.
  • Footwear may include any and everything as it totally depends on the outfit you choose (heels or ballets with a dress, sneakers with oversized sweater, boots with shorts and a round neck Tee)



Styling printed chokers


DIY Bow Choker

Instead of wearing a single choker, it is now time for wrapped style chokers .The golden tone tipped choker can be worn in a number of ways-make a bow, just wrap it or knot it. These chokers can enhance the look of any outfit with a deep neck or with a contrasting high neck to look glamorous in the winter season.

» Let me put forward a few steps to look elegant with this DIY bow choker.

  • Slip on outfits with deep neck .
  • Outfits should be body hugging – short skirt, trousers, shorts.
  • Accessories should match the color of the tip of the choker .
  • Accessories may include ear studs and rings.


How to use DIY Bow Choker


Layered Choker

Loved Jacqueline’s double layered choker ? Well, you can have one too .  Layered chokers have minimum detailing but still make you look lovely and charming.

» Time to style our layered choker

  • Looks best with off shoulder outfits (off shoulder tops, dress, gown )
  • Outfits should be in colors like RED,ORANGE, WHITE , YELLOW , BLUE . (Colors that complement black (black choker)
  • A red or orange lipstick would make heads turn
  • Footwear should match color of lip shade for extra charm .
  • Additional accessories may include earrings matching to the choker’s pendant(if the Choker has) .




You  also have an option of pairing your chokers with ethnic outfits. Still thinking how is that possible?

  • Pair the Metal Choker with your Lehenga . You need no extra accessory after that . Add footwear matching to the color of the choker.
  • Have a simple Kurta? Pair it with your heart choker and ballet flats .
  • Add a indo western twist to your embroidered skirt with the leather choker and a body-con black crop top.
  • Turn your Floral Choker into a hand accessory and pair it with a white suit


I hope this Ultimate Guide to Wear Chokers Right helped you with every query related to chokers. You can shop all the chokers  I styled from right here at damselcode

Metal Choker – Here
Heart Choker – Here
Floral print Choker – Here
DIY Bow Choker – Here
Double Layered Choker – Here

If you guys want any styling help or if you are confused about something you can post your query in the comment section below. I will  be solving all your doubts .

See you until the next time I blog about some other accessory.

Much Love



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